Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Each crop has different handling needs, what results in different types of packaging to ensure fruit & vegetables arrive ready to sell and eat. Our technical specialists are able to recommend the best solution for your specific requirements.

Wholesale & Retail Channels

  • High quality print available for optimum presentation and branding
  • Cost-effective packaging solution

Long Distance Export

  • Superior protection of produce during transport
  • Designed to meet your supply chain requirements

Bulk Packaging

  • Designed to transport and display large volumes of goods
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional metal, plastic, or wood bulk packages

Humid Crops

  • Packaging solutions delivering freshness, protection and the highest standards of food hygiene
  • Adequate water resistance, strength and insulation to meet the requirements of your supply chain

Tobacco Leaves

  • Designed to fit your product and packing requirements
  • Weight reduction for transportation