Operating in EMEA for more than 30 years, International Paper has an unrivaled experience in the corrugated packaging area and has developed a wide range of packaging solutions for numerous market segments.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Marketing fresh fruit and vegetables to today’s consumer calls for packaging that meets the needs of all stakeholders in the supply chain. International Paper has a long-standing experience in this sector and our experts are able to recommend the best solution for your specific requirements. 



Food represents half of the European corrugated market. Utilizing the right packaging is crucial to delivering the freshest, best-looking and most cost-effectively shipped products. Our experts are available to help develop tailor-made solutions to meet your supply chain and marketing expectations. 



Beverage is a major segment with specific needs and packaging must be adapted to:

  • Provide a high level of protection during transportation
  • Be attractive at the point of purchase
  • Allow for easy handling by the retailer and customer

Home & Personal Care

Corrugated boxes are the ideal packaging solution for consumer goods. It is a highly versatile and customizable material that can be easily adapted to your individual packing process, supply chain requirements and brand & marketing objectives. 


E-Commerce & Logistics

Selling products via the Internet is very different than traditional retailing. The packaging solutions designed by International Paper fit the size of your product for maximum supply chain efficiency. 


Heavy Duty & Bulk Products

Corrugated packaging not only provides optimal protection during transportation and storage, it also offers clear environmental and operational benefits compared to traditional heavy duty packaging produced in wood, plastic or metal.


Brown Goods

All boxes are not created equal: Packaging requirements vary in function of supply chain and operating constraints specific to each industry but also depend on individual marketing and branding objectives.