Sustainable Forestry Management

All paper from International Paper respect nature. Our papers are produced from forests planted and 100% renewable.

International Paper's forestry management aims to supply factories with wood from 100% planted and renewable forests. The process covers the production of seedlings, the planting and maintenance of forests, the harvest and transport of the wood. The competitiveness and sustainability are guaranteed by the forestry management certifications (CERFLOR, FSC), quality, environment, health and workplace safety (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001), and by structured programs for technology innovation and continuous improvement of forestry processes.

The landscape on International Paper's forestry gardens consists of planted forests and areas assigned for nature conservation. This "forestry mosaic" allows the harmony between native and commercial forests, providing improvements in the generation of forestry products and services, such as habitat preservation and biodiversity conservation. For each 3 hectares of eucalyptus, the company preserves 1 hectare of natural ecosystem. By doing so, the forestry landscape retains more ecological balance, with 350 native trees species already identified and more than 400 animal species from the Brazilian fauna.

The company also maintains four RPPNs (Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Natural [Private Nature Heritage Reserve]) in the State of São Paulo, one in the process of recognition. These conservation units have a total area of 1,343 hectares. In the municipality of Mogi Guaçu, there are two areas for conservation, one with 187 hectares and one in recognition, with about 221 hectares. In the municipalities of Brotas, Espírito Santo do Pinhal and Conchal, International Paper has three other areas of 793, 50, and 92 hectares, respectively. The significant concentration of biodiversity-related values at the regional level and the protection of water resources in the river basins are one of the main environmental attributes of these RPPNs.

See below the 2018 Management Plan, the Raw Material Forest Acquisition Policy and our Forestry Management Policy.