Enhanced Graphic 解决方案

International Paper delivers the best total cost graphic solution for your business, covering a spectrum of print capabilities that meets virtually any need.

  • Man working on plates at table
    油墨 & 盘子

    • Two Day Delivery - at most U.S. 位置 
    • 打印ing Success Training on site training 
    • Anilox Roll Inspections 
    • Press Fingerprinting
    • Technical Service Teams and 设计s

  • Packaging_Litho林_79_400x400
    抵消平 & 林

    • High quality, photographic images 
    • 打印 on coated & uncoated substances
    • Cost effective for high-volume items 
    • 减少浪费 & faster throughput
    • Color consistency between runs & across box plants

  • Packaging_预印_49_400x400

    • State of the art 8 color + varnish 
    • High resolution, photographic quality 
    • Supports demand colors (including Metallic, DayGlo and specific custom pms colors)
    • Wide variety of coatings available